The 2017 PMA Fruit and Vegetable Fellowship Conference (Chinese station ), the fifth Good farmer's attendance

              Release time | 2017.03.16

                  The fifth session PMA Fruit and Vegetable Fellowship Conference was held at the Westin Grand Vancouver Hotel in Shanghai on March 16th. Top executives, industry elites and leaders from the world's fruit and vegetable supply chain gathered together , around 200 global fruit and vegetable specialists discussed the development of global fruit and vegetable. Goodfarmer has become PMA and conference sponsors for 5 consecutive years since 2013 as Chinese fruit and vegetable leading brand. 


                  As the "United Nations" in the world fruits and vegetables industry, PMA Fruit and Vegetable Fellowship Conference has always been committed to the interpretation of the hot issues such as market trends, policy situations, market access and marketing strategy and so on. It grasps the global fruit and vegetable industry trends, thus further winning the market and having a very high influence in the industry . It is understood that the session was the first time that PMA cooperated with China CFNA fruit branch ,they jointly launched the event.


                  Mr. Liu Zijie, CEO of Goodfarmer along with five senior executives participated in the conference. They had in-depth exchanges and talks with relevant professionals of the industry according to the business development direction of  Goodfarmer .Various media attended the conference ,including China CFNA fruit branch, Consulate of Ecuador in China, Fruit And Tea Firm, He Ma Xian Sheng, Jingdong, Tmall, global coverage of fruits and vegetables ect. During the tea break, participants scrambled to taste the bananas and pineapples of Goodfarmer ,they raved about the taste and quality of Goodfarmer's fruit , and gave thumbs - up signs.



                  Adhering to the core values of "teamwork, integrity, profession, innovation, and win-win cooperation", Goodfartmer will continue to move forward, seize the opportunity to constantly improve product and service quality, create excellent agricultural brand image, and achieve the grand vision of being China First, World-Class brand of fruit, vegetable and food distribution supplier!